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What we do at Rock Candy Mountain

If you’ve ever dreamed of easily collecting colourful crystals on a sunny hillside above a sparkling clear river, you’ve come to the right place! At Rock Candy Mountain we have tons of pretty rock just waiting for you break into perfectly-sized pieces to carry home.

Whether your perfect size is 100 grams or 100 pounds, you are welcome to keep however much you can carry in one trip.

How to book your trip

Book Safaris through

250 442 2203

Book Vugs and Colourful Crystals trips through Email booking only.

Book your Safari tour in person and examine the types of crystals you will likely find on your trip at:
Lynden Tree Yarns, 7375 2nd St., Grand Forks. We also have crystals for sale here. or


Photos of Rock Candy minerals, visitors, museum specimens and history.

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Colourful Crystals and Vugs tours only run a few times each year. Safaris run 7 days/week all summer long. Check our Calendar to see when the trip you want is available

Rock Candy Safari

Our introductory trip. Everyone will find fluorite in several colours and sparkling drusy quartz crystals.

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Colourful Crystals trip

A family trip featuring an amazing abundance of everything you might find on a Safari, plus the experience of collecting your own crystals with the same tools used by our professional collectors.

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Vugs trips

Vugs are the holes in rock where crystals grow. A vug will be waiting for you on our Museum Bench when you arrive.

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School trips

Students from 3rd thru 9th grade have fun collecting our pretty minerals while learning everything from basic geology and mineralogy to the economics of mining and mineral extraction in age-appropriate segments.

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